Who are we?

Based in the Netherlands, Stichting SPOSA Child was established by a small group of friends in August 2010. Our current board is comprised of individuals from various professions: psychology, law, journalism, social work and business.

Every board member is committed to voluntarily donate time, expertise and resources to help alleviate the suffering of abused children. We maximize our impact by keeping our operations small-scale but highly focused and incur no overhead costs. We provide periodic reporting and adhere to the standard of full transparency.

Stichting SPOSA Child Board members

Franciscus Meulmeester Franciscus Meulmeester

Sociale Pedagogiek / Andragogiek
Gestalt psychotherapie
Psycho-oncologisch counselor

Ms. Marilyn Tinsay

Bachelor in Liberal Arts/Humanities

Sabine Peterink
Board Secretary

Education Policy Consultant


Donald Mac Donald-sm
Donald Mac Donald

Alita Baby Gonzales