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The ideal situation is for each child to have a specific sponsor. A personal, written contact between the sponsor and child involved is necessary. We have proven the inspiring effect of a letter from a sponsor to a traumatized child. The child’s development is monitored and reported to her sponsor(s).

For a minimum of € 35,- a month, you can sponsor a SPOSA Child to go through her primary schooling. Your contribution will provide her with school essentials, along with expert counseling, food, medical care and transportation. Your sponsorship gives her the fundamental basis to heal from her trauma and
to grow in a supportive environment.

We in SPOSA Child will facilitate direct and personal communications between you and the child or children under your special care. As a sponsor, you will become a significant “someone” in the life of the child.

View the Table-of-expenses for the cost break-down for each type of student, from Elementary school to Vocational school levels.

You may join a friend, a colleague, or your relative in a shared sponsorship. The more support a child gets in terms of having overseas sponsors, the better. It is always important that each and every one of our SPOSA children feels supported and cared for by as many special “someone(s)” as possible.

One time donations are most welcome. As a donor, you can specify any amount to be fully devoted to our mission. Your compassion will go a long way in realizing the gift of education to all SPOSA children

You can donate to:
Our bank info: ABNAMRO
IBAN NR. NL14ABNA0464278295

Please write down an address where we can send a receipt to. THANK YOU!

Please Note: For the protection of SPOSA children, strict conditions of confidentiality apply to all sponsorships and donations. SPOSA Child cases are presented only to persons who are sincerely interested in helping our cause.