History of how SC started

Marilyn Tinsay, coordinator of the Dutch branch, spent two weeks in Negros in January of 2010. She visited the offices of BantayBata163, established by Mrs.Luisa Lopez-Ascalon, who was then the consultant of ABSCBN broadcasting company. It was then that she learned that Negros Occidental had one of the highest recorded cases of child physical and sexual abuse. In the office of BantayBata163, Marilyn saw some of these traumatized girls from as young as 7 years old. She saw how the volunteers of BantayBata163 worked tirelessly to help them . They sought help from other volunteers like doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers, etc.

This unfortunate situation made her decide to take the initiative to start fund-raising activities in the Netherlands where she is a resident to help save these girls traumatized by such abuse, through one of the programs of BantayBata163 so called Scholarship program.